Ornstein-Schuler Investments LLC (Ornstein-Schuler) is an Atlanta-based company that specializes in real estate and private equity investments. Through its private offerings to accredited investors, the Company provides its clients with the opportunities to own a partnership interest in investment grade land, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other real estate investment opportunities.

In order to determine the feasibility and intended economics of each acquisition, Ornstein-Schuler has a dedicated in-house investment and legal team that conducts its own due diligence and market analysis. Additionally, the Company often hires reliable, outside experts to conduct third party due diligence on investment opportunities. Throughout its history, the Ornstein-Schuler companies and/or its principals have generated positive investment returns from equity ownership positions in apartments and office buildings, developed profitable and award-winning projects, and worked with investors to protect thousands of acres of environmentally important land (including wildlife habitats and endangered species habitats) through electing to make conservation easements and/or fee simple donations of property.

Ornstein-Schuler’s land investment strategy is to acquire valuable land assets in growth markets where the supply of unique tracts of land is constrained or steadily diminishing, and where the land has the potential to be re-zoned or better utilized. The Company’s strategies for generating positive investment outcomes from investing in land include outright sale or lease, development, and charitable donation of the property. While Ornstein-Schuler is responsive to short term market opportunities, the Company’s model requires patient capital to maximize the value of its investments and produce favorable returns. Ornstein-Schuler’s investment opportunities generally have an investment duration of between one and ten years. Recognizing the cyclicality of the economy and the potential for an extended holding period, the Company has built the entirety of its land portfolio without debt to avoid the tail risks associated with financing. With its no-debt structure, Ornstein-Schuler and its investor partners have been able to weather and adjust to down-markets by using those periods as opportunities for new investment or property improvement.