Matt Ornstein graduated in 1990 from the University of Virginia’s McIntyre School of Commerce. After college, Matt worked for the Home Depot Corporation for several years before starting his own real estate company in 1996. Ornstein’s multi-family projects in Metro Atlanta won several awards with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and provided double-digit, annualized rates of return to his investors. In 2002, Matt and fellow UVA alumnus Frank Schuler formed the Ornstein-Schuler companies.

Since that time, Matt has been CEO of Ornstein-Schuler and directed the due diligence, acquisition and sale of several hundred million dollars of real estate, while also successfully completing over 100 property re-zonings. Matt continues to lead the company’s real estate and client advisory team. Matt is also actively involved with multiple philanthropic organizations that specialize in educational scholarships, land and wildlife conservation, endangered species protection, and animal rescue and rehabilitation services.