Jun 4, 2019

Ornstein-Schuler Announces Donation to Atlanta-based Wellspring Living

At Ornstein-Schuler Investments, we remain committed to safeguarding and empowering the most vulnerable in our society and that includes those who are at risk for and victims of sexual exploitation. With the right resources, support and care, they must be given every opportunity to move forward and succeed. By providing trauma-informed care and offering emotionally restorative therapies, organizations that aim to help the millions of women and children who are targets for and victims of sexual exploitation play a critical role in fostering healthier and safer communities.

With that in mind, Ornstein-Schuler is pleased to support Wellspring Living, which serves survivors of childhood sexual exploitation and is devoted to empowering domestic sex trafficking victims as well as those at risk. In an effort to help these individuals develop the courage to move forward, Wellspring Living offers an array of residential and community-based programs to help begin the healing process, and our company is humbled to contribute to the continuation of these programs, donating $25,000 to provide further support for victims and at-risk individuals.

“We at Ornstein-Schuler appreciate the work that Wellspring Living is doing to help those in our community, and we are committed to supporting programs that create such a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Ornstein-Schuler President Frank Schuler. “We believe in the life-giving support that these community-based programs provide, and we are proud to do our part to help victims rebuild their lives and ultimately succeed.”

Matt Hene, Wellspring Living Board Chair and Managing Partner, EVP of Ironwood said, “We are grateful for the support of Ornstein-Schuler. Their generous gift will enable us to continue serving victims of sexual exploitation through our life-giving residential and community-based programs. ”. He also added “It’s so nice to see business leaders getting involved in this issue, and we thank Ornstein-Schuler for helping provide so many opportunities to those who have been trafficked or abused.”

This comes as a second opportunity to support a cause about which we care so deeply, as Ornstein-Schuler recently extended a gift to Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that assists governments in the rescue of human trafficking victims, particularly children.

Please consider joining us in providing opportunities and new beginnings to victims of sexual exploitation. Read more about how Wellspring Living is impacting lives here.