May 19, 2022

Ornstein-Schuler helps O.U.R. raise over $745,000 to Combat Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Since December 2020, Ornstein-Schuler has helped Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) raise more than $1.2MM.  Most recently, Ornstein-Schuler helped raise over $745,000 for an event called the For the One Spring Gala, where patrons came to learn more about O.U.R.’s efforts and help contribute funds for the mission of ending child sex trafficking. 

The event was a huge success and O.U.R. Founder Tim Ballard said: “I want to say thank you again to Matt Ornstein and Frank Schuler for their continued contributions to advance O.U.R.’s mission and to help others see that their contributions play a big role in fighting human trafficking.” 

At the For the One Spring Gala, Ballard discussed the importance of greater funding to keep up with the ever-changing tactics of child predators and traffickers. Online child exploitation continues to rise exponentially, with 2021 being the worst year on record for child sexual abuse online (IWF). Ballard encouraged supporters to continue spreading awareness of this issue so that governments worldwide will be compelled to lend their law enforcement and financial resources to the cause of protecting children. 

Matt Ornstein, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ornstein-Schuler, expressed it very well when he said, “It is truly inspiring to see the tireless and courageous work that the O.U.R. staff and supporters are doing to bring freedom to victims of sex trafficking from around the world, and to also see the courage of the survivors that O.U.R. supports in aftercare as they recover from un-thinkable acts of human enslavement and sexual abuse.”

It is important for all those who want to join the fight with O.U.R. and help protect the world’s children to know that approximately $1,200 helps rescue one child and provide aftercare. Ornstein-Schuler will continue to fundraise in the future and encourages everyone to learn more about O.U.R. and to help fund its critical mission. 

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