Feb 27, 2023

Ornstein-Schuler Supports Turkey-Syria Earthquake Response Efforts

The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has created a critical humanitarian crisis for millions of people in that region.  More than 46,000 lives have been lost and millions have been left homeless.   

Matthew Ornstein, co-owner of Ornstein-Schuler Investments (OSI), said today that supporting these communities is a moral imperative which is why he has donated $10,000 to United Hatzalah, the largestfully-volunteer non-profitemergency medical service in Israel. These funds will be used to support their response efforts to the Kahramanmaras earthquake in Turkey and Syria.   

United Hatzalah has assisted in the rescue of 15 people in Turkey as a result of their search and rescue efforts. Additionally, they have provided food, medical supplies, and emotional trauma support to hundreds acrossthe affected area.  

In response to the donation, Eli Beer,president of United Hatzalah, said, “Matt Ornstein and Frank Schuler have been supporting United Hatzalah for nearly two decades and continue to step up and support our organization when we need it most. From our daily work to crisis response efforts like we’re undertaking now, I am grateful to them for their contributions to our urgently-needed medical first response services to those in need.” 

Founded in 1989, United Hatzalah is on-call 24/7/365, equipped with an army of 6,500+trained volunteers, including EMTs, paramedics, physicians, dispatchers, and service units. United Hatzalah aims day in and day out to preserve life and responds to more than 550,000 calls each year in their base in Israel and throughout the globe.  

On the contribution, Matt Ornstein said,“Unfortunately, United Hatzalah has had to respond to a multitude of recent crises. Their skilled, dedicated team continues to save lives and provide critical support to our global community and their efforts in Turkey are yet another example of their transformational work. It has been rewarding to see our contributions make such a big impact, and I encourage others interested in supporting global health and crisis response efforts to consider supporting UnitedHatzalah, too.” 

To learn more about United Hatzalah and its mission, visit https://Israelrescue.org/donate