Mar 5, 2019

Our Continued Commitment to Helping Abandoned and Injured Animals

At Ornstein-Schuler, we believe that supporting our local community must also include helping to protect those who cannot defend and protect themselves. And that’s why Ornstein-Schuler has been supporting “A Welcome Home Animal Rescue” (AWHAR), an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) created for the purpose of helping homeless, hurt and/or abandoned animals. AWHAR’s goal is to place each animal in a permanent, compatible loving home where they will become a cherished member of the family, while also providing them with complete and thorough vet care.

Veterinary care is obviously expensive though and that’s why Ornstein-Schuler announced today that it is donating an additional $15,000 to this important organization. This will go directly to the care of rescued animals in the Atlanta area.

“At Ornstein-Schuler, we are committed to giving back to the local community and none of us should ever forget those who cannot fend for themselves,” said OSI Chief Executive Officer Matt Ornstein. “Working with the great team at ‘A Welcome Home Animal Rescue’ we hope to continue supporting dozens of sick and abandoned animals and help them find new homes in our area. We are proud to support this terrific local organization and encourage others to do so as well.”

In 2018, over 75 dogs and cats were rescued and medically treated due to the financial support of the team at Ornstein-Schuler. This included heart worm treatments, heart disease treatments, eye diagnostics/treatments, orthopedic surgery, dermatological diagnostics/treatment, and behavioral assessments/training for some of the more challenging and broken animals.

“Due to the generous support of Ornstein-Schuler, AWHAR has been able to rescue and find wonderful permanent homes for stray and broken animals. Most all that are rescued are either discarded, neglected, or abused and are extremely unhealthy, sometimes critically sick, which can take significant funds to treat and several months to be nursed back to health.  AWHAR is so extremely grateful for this generous financial support, without which our work would not be possible,” said AWHAR President and Founder Janet Hart.