Apr 22, 2019

Supporting Educational Opportunities For Under-Privileged Youth in Jamaica

At Ornstein-Schuler, we believe in the importance of education and the life-changing benefits it can provide is a critical investment in a young person’s future. By helping provide youths with the foundational tools to unlock their potential, it helps the next generation of adults and leaders build a successful future both for themselves and their communities.

To that end, Ornstein-Schuler has been helping provide youth scholarships in Georgia and is pleased to extend its efforts globally and also first with the Jamaica’s Promise Foundation, where our company has donated $25,000 to help the Foundation provide educational scholarships to graduates on the island in pursuit of a post-secondary education.

“We at Ornstein-Schuler value the educational opportunities that we have had and are thrilled to be able to support young Jamaicans as they pursue advanced educational opportunities,” said OSI Chief Executive Officer Matt Ornstein. “We know how valuable a strong education is and are proud to be able to help these students build a stronger foundation for their future.”’

On Friday, April 19, OSI leaders had the opportunity to attend a Benefits Breakfast with the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other leaders in the Atlanta business community. All proceeds from this breakfast event supported the mission of the foundation and will go towards offering educational opportunities to Jamaican youth. It was an honor to join the Prime Minister in supporting a cause about which the Company and its owners are passionate.

“This generous donation from Ornstein-Schuler will go a long way towards supporting our Foundation’s mission of improving the lives of under-privileged youth in Jamaica,” said Ambassador Audrey Marks, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States. “We are grateful for the support of business leaders like OSI who recognize that education is key to a better society both in Jamaica and around the world.”

Please consider joining us in supporting educational opportunities to the under-privileged youth in Jamaica and around the world.